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Władysław JANUSZ

Department of Radiochemistry and Colloid Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
MCS University (UMCS)
M. Curie-Sklodowska Pl. 3, 20031 Lublin, POLAND

Phones: +(48)-815375622 (secretary), 815375687 (head), 815375624, 815375602 (staff)
Fax: +(48)-815332811

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Prof. Władysław JANUSZ

Prof. dr hab. Władysław JANUSZ, tel: -815375632, -815375624
ex-Vice Dean (2002-2008)
ex-Faculty Dean(2008-2016)

e-mail UMCS: Wladyslaw.Janusz AT@AT umcs.lublin.pl
www: profile

ISI ResearcherID: F-2325-2010

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Department / Education / Activities / Equipment / Staff list

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